Voodoo Canápe - 2024

How Do You Like Me Now? is the second single from upcoming 3rd album Rock,n,Roll Renaissance! Once again a very limited run of just over 250 physical records on yellow coloured vinyl- each one hand numbered by the band!
Contains the controversial b-side Ketamine Krawl.

Do not miss the official video which sees the band parody the guitar instructional VHS lessons of the 80s and 90s

  1. How Do You Like Me Now?
  2. Ketamine Krawl


Voodoo Canapé - 2023

The first single from the long-awaited third album (coming 2024).

Everybody Knows is a celebration of the bands long-standing influences of 50’s Rock’n’roll and Rockabilly, intersected with 70s/80s Punk and New Wave, with an undeniably catchy guitar riff, pounding double bass and drums and lovelorn lyrics straight out of the Buddy Holly playbook, all rounded off with some extra instrumentation in the piano and lap-steel guitar, that compliment but never overpower the arrangement.

A limited physical release of only 250 copies (hand numbered by the band) on pink 7” vinyl with an exclusive festive B-side that’s sure to make you smile are available to order now!

  1. Everybody Knows
  2. Everybody Knows (It's Christmas)



A standalone single with a digital-only release.

Weaving a tale of psychokinetic powers and clandestine government experiments, Telekinesis is a blistering 3-minute journey through the world of The Zipheads, with explosive drums, rapid-fire vocals, relentless double bass slapping and a mean pseudo-rockabilly guitar riff driving the whole affair.

  1. Telekinesis

Surf Wars Vol1: The Day The Surf Stood Still

Voodoo Canapé - 2022

4-tracks of instrumental surf-guitar-spaghetti-western-space-rock drenched in glorious reverb available on deep red or sea blue vinyl! With an incredible cover from King Rat Artwork.

“Hard-pushing, modern surf guitar with a big, deep sound”- PIPELINE MAGAZINE

“Oozes sci-fi cool and twangabilly”- VIVE LE ROCK

“A masterclass in surf- played impeccably and recorded superbly.”- UK ROCK&ROLL MAGAZINE

“A wild instrumental landscape populated by the ghosts of Link Wray, The Ventures, Ennio Morricone and Gerry Anderson”- VINTAGE ROCK

“…embodies the archetypal sounds of surf music yet with an overtly galactic feel”- SHOUT LOUDER

“If you are a fan of instrumental rock’n’roll, then you owe it to yourself to add Surf Wars to your collection of favorites”- SLAP THAT BASS

“Has a driving sound that beats down like a tsunami” – SLAP THAT BASS

  1. The Day The Surf Stood Still
  2. Accendino!
  3. Agent Z
  4. Octavius


Bomber Music - 2020

Charity single released in collaboration with the Joe Strummer Foundation- a country-fied take on The Clash’s 1980 single, with Leeds’ finest garage-rockers Nosebleed doing their take on another Clash classic.

With proceeds going to help musicians in need.

  1. Bankrobber- The Zipheads
  2. Train In Vain- Nosebleed

Prehistoric Beat (remastered 2018)

Bomber Music - 2018

Remastered version of the debut album, with 2 bonus tracks and on vinyl for the first time!!

Finally on (yellow!) vinyl, this re-release of the classic debut album features original 2013 recording ‘Prevenge’ which was never included on the original release, as well as a 2018 recording of ‘You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two’ from Lionel Bart’s Oliver!.

  1. Unrequited Love
  2. Revenge
  3. Blast From The Past
  4. Matter Of Time
  5. MI:5
  6. Dinosaur Rock
  7. Don't Pretend
  8. Too Proud
  9. Call Of The Wild
  10. Manslaughter
  11. Back To The Barracks
  12. 54-46 Was My Number
  13. Prevenge
  14. You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two


Bomber Music - 2016

The second album released 11th November 2016. Featuring favourites ‘Last Man On Earth’, ‘Welcome To The Real World’ and ‘After All’ as well as Motown/Temptations cover ‘Get Ready’ this album won the band rave reviews and scores of new admirers. The original run of magenta-coloured vinyl has sold out, now available on blue or green vinyl and on digipack CD.

  1. Surfquake
  2. Rampage
  3. No 2 Ways About It
  4. Last Man On Earth
  5. Ill Repute
  6. Welcome To The Real World
  7. Instead
  8. After All
  9. Only Yourself To Blame
  10. Pet Hate
  11. Patron Saint
  12. Damned
  13. Revenge II
  14. Orca To Majorca
  15. Get Ready

Just Don’t Seem To Care

Western Star Records - 2015

The bands second release, available as a 7″ on bright green vinyl, featuring b-side ‘Foreign Land’, both recorded by Mister Alan Wilson, Western Star Records.


  1. Just Don't Seem To Care
  2. Foreign Land

Prehistoric Beat

DIY - 2013

The 12 track debut album! Featuring signature songs ‘Revenge’, ‘Don’t Pretend’ and ‘Call Of The Wild’ as well as the famous rocking’ version of ’54-46 Was My Number’. The original run of 1000 CDs sold out long ago but a 2018 re-release (see above) is available on both vinyl and CD. The original album is still available on digital download and for streaming (see links below).

  1. Unrequited Love
  2. Revenge
  3. Blast From The Past
  4. Matter Of Time
  5. Mi:5
  6. Dinosaur Rock
  7. Don't Pretend
  8. Too Proud
  9. Call Of The Wild
  10. Manslaughter
  11. Back To The Barracks
  12. 54-46 (Was My Number) - Written By – Toots Hibbert

Featured on: The Guv’nor- Tribute To Nigel Lewis

Diablo Records

The Zipheads contribute their ska-reworking of The Meteors classic ‘Earwigs In My Brain’ to this tribute to the legendary Meteors/Tall Boys/Escalators frontman featuring tracks from The Magnetix, The Highliners, Guitar Slingers and many more. Available on CD and vinyl from Diablo Records. 

Featured on: 21st Century Psychobillies

Western Star Records

Featuring the 2 tracks from the ‘Just Don’t Seem To Care’ single.

This is a 27 track CD (80 minutes) of the best bands out there on the UK Psychobilly scene today. Long Established names such as Frenzy, Mad Dog Cole and The Sharks rub shoulders with new, exciting up-coming acts such as El Camino, The Hillmans and The Zipheads and The Boston Rats.

Featured on: Play Something We Know

Bomber Music

Featuring the Prehistoric Beat version of Toots and The Maytals ’54-46 Was My Number’ combined with excerpts of Sublime’s ‘What I Got’.

10 track download only album of cover versions from Bomber bands. Featuring cover tracks from Jaya The Cat, Graveyard Johnnys, Jesse James and many more

Featured on: Neo Rockabilly Nation, The Lost and The Forgotten

Modern Syndrome Records - 2008

As the Runaway Boys

Features the rare 2008 demo version of ‘Call Of The Wild’ (credited as The Runaway Boys).

30 rockin’ rarities from the Rockabilly revival.
Featuring tracks from The Cockroaches, The Bopkats, Hot Rocket Trio, Rockin’ Barracudas, Rocco & the Rays, Boppin’ Bears, The Flaming Stars, The Rattlers, Runaway Boys, Rumble Dogs, The Shakin’ Snakes, Rattled Roosters, Tennessee Ramblers and many others. CD only

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