Upcoming Gigs

21/03/2019 - The Zipheads at St Moritz Club, London, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads

23/03/2019 - The Zipheads at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads, Nosebleed, X Ray Cat Trio

28/03/2019 - The Zipheads at Gambrinus Music Club, Paris, France

Line-up: The Zipheads

29/03/2019 - The Zipheads at Covent Garden Studios, Éragny-sur-Oise, France

Line-up: The Zipheads

30/03/2019 - The Zipheads at Le Sub, Vitry-sur-Seine, France

Line-up: The Zipheads

06/04/2019 - Millie Manders and the Shutup at The Green Door Store, Brighton, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads, Millie Manders and the Shutup

19/04/2019 - The Revelations at Harpenden Public Halls, Harpenden, UK

Line-up: The Revelations, The Zipheads

19/04/2019 - Zero Negative at The Union MMU, Manchester, UK

Line-up: DOOM, Authority Zero, Subhumans, Samiam, Crywank, Such Gold, Fresh, The Creepshow, Snuff, Sonic Boom Six, Martha, Smoke or Fire, After The Fall, Consumed, 88 Fingers Louie, Restorations, The Hard Aches, King Prawn, Muncie Girls, Goober Patrol, Guerilla Poubelle, Sam Russo, Press Club, Habits, Templeton Pek, Popes Of Chillitown, Not on Tour, Arteries, Svalbard, Arms Aloft, Astpai, Janus Stark, Joe McMahon, The Human Project, Woahnows, Big Joanie, Above Them, Roger Harvey, Adrenalized, March, Infested (SWE), Faintest Idea, Nervus, Throwing Stuff, Penske File, The Winter Passing, ANCST, The Bar Stool Preachers, Billy Liar, Youth Avoiders, Fights And Fires, Officer Down, The Zipheads, Salvo, Harker, Pijn, Skin Of Tears, Small Gods, Almeïda, Well Wisher, Lay It on the Line, calvinball., Nosebleed, Infested, Millie Manders and the Shutup, We Bless This Mess, Perkie, A Vulture Wake, Fair Do's, Suggested Friends, frankie stubbs, SKiNNY MiLK, Matilda's Scoundrels, StÖj Snak, Grand Collapse, Call Me Malcolm, CHARMPIT, Main Line 10, MISANTROPIC, Screech Bats, Ill Gotten Gains, The Domestics (UK), Kermes, One Eyed God, James Choice & The Bad Decisions, Tim Loud, Harijan, BURNING FLAG, Myteri, cheerbleederz, Werecats, MARTYRIALS, 7 Years Bad Luck, The Bloodstrings, Tony Gorilla, Tragical History Tour, Chloe Hawes, Slumb Party, Cherym, Wadeye, Tom May, Sam Russo (UK), Pardon Us, EAT DIRT., Catch it Kebabs, Thanx 4 All the Shoes, Joe Mcmahon (Smoke Or Fire), The Affect Heuristic, Wolfrik, The Mighty Bossmags, Misfortune Cookie, Animal Byproducts, Incisions (UK), Mean Caesar, Young Conservatives, HAEST, Poisonous Cxnt, Zero Negative

24/05/2019 - Barstool Preachers at Oldham RUFC, Oldham, UK

Line-up: Ruts DC, Hazard, London Calling, Dirt Box Disco, The Zipheads, China Shop Bull, Duncan Reid and the Big Heads, The Zips, Barstool Preachers

24/05/2019 - Sin Kings at Our Black Heart, Camden, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads, The Bloodstrings, Sin Kings

12/07/2019 - Toby Spin at Unknown venue, Wiltshire, UK

Line-up: The Wurzels, Citizen Fish, Neck, Graveyard Johnnys, Funke and the Two Tone Baby, Soeur, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, The Zipheads, Crinkle Cuts, Black Water County, Rsvp, Dale Martin, Boot Hill All Stars, Gimme Gimme Gimmes, Urban Lions, Imprints (Bristol, UK), Hodmadoddery, The Zip Heads, Reverend schnider & the band of angels, The King Dukes, Monkey Bizzle, Humfuzz, The Straight Fits, The Back Wood Redeemers, Double J and the great rock n roll swindle, Toby Spin