Upcoming Gigs

07/07/2018 - The Zipheads at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads, Snakerattlers, Love Me Tenders

13/07/2018 - Cartoon Violence (UK) at Tabor Airport Capuv Dvur / Letiště Tabor Čápův Dvůr, Tabor, Czech Republic

Line-up: Royal Republic, A Wilhelm Scream, Mad Sin, The Rumjacks, Mahones, The Dreadnoughts, Doctor Krápula, Slapshot, Random Hand, Booze & Glory, Tim Vantol, Non Servium, Ducking Punches, Pipes and Pints, Raygun Cowboys, Rude Pride, The Zipheads, Riskee and the Ridicule, Jenny Woo's Holy Flame, The TiPS (GER), Cartoon Violence (UK)

13/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Tiefengrund, Frankfurt, Germany

Line-up: The Zipheads

17/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Oliwa Pub, Krakow, Poland

Line-up: The Zipheads

18/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Elefant Pivny Pub, Martin, Slovakia

Line-up: The Zipheads

19/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Kacsa Bisztró, Budapest, Hungary

Line-up: The Zipheads

20/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Lepa Zoga, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Line-up: The Zipheads

21/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Blue Rose Saloon, Milan, Italy

Line-up: The Zipheads

27/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Blackmarket Vip, Hastings, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads

28/07/2018 - The Zipheads at The Great Eastern, Brighton, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads

03/08/2018 - The Zipheads at Corto Maltese, Cagliari, Italy

Line-up: The Zipheads

08/08/2018 - The Zipheads at Unknown venue, Winchester, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads

20/10/2018 - The Zipheads at Our Black Heart, Camden, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads, X Ray Cat Trio, Deathcaps

21/10/2018 - The Zipheads at Lady Luck, Canterbury, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads

02/11/2018 - Polecats at 100 Club, London, UK

Line-up: Polecats, The Zipheads

10/11/2018 - Batmobile at Unknown venue, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, France

Line-up: Batmobile, The Zipheads

18/11/2018 - Guana Batz at New Cross Inn, New Cross, UK

Line-up: Guana Batz, The Zipheads, Sin Kings

24/11/2018 - Beltane Fire at Talking Heads, Southampton, UK

Line-up: Beltane Fire, The Zipheads