Upcoming Gigs

18/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Elefant Pivny Pub, Martin, Slovakia

Line-up: The Zipheads

19/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Kacsa Bisztró, Budapest, Hungary

Line-up: The Zipheads

20/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Lepa Zoga, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Line-up: The Zipheads

21/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Blue Rose Saloon, Milan, Italy

Line-up: The Zipheads

27/07/2018 - The Zipheads at Blackmarket Vip, Hastings, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads

28/07/2018 - The Zipheads at The Great Eastern, Brighton, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads

03/08/2018 - The Zipheads at Corto Maltese, Cagliari, Italy

Line-up: The Zipheads

08/08/2018 - The Zipheads at Unknown venue, Winchester, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads

20/10/2018 - The Zipheads at Our Black Heart, Camden, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads, X Ray Cat Trio, Deathcaps

21/10/2018 - The Zipheads at Lady Luck, Canterbury, UK

Line-up: The Zipheads

02/11/2018 - Polecats at 100 Club, London, UK

Line-up: Polecats, The Zipheads

10/11/2018 - Batmobile at Unknown venue, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre, France

Line-up: Batmobile, The Zipheads

16/11/2018 - Mystery Action at New Cross Inn, New Cross, UK

Line-up: Demented Are Go, Guana Batz, Graveyard Johnnys, The Hyperjax, The Schizophonics, The Zipheads, Epileptic Hillbillys, Henry and the Bleeders, The Go Go Cult, KNOCKSVILLE, Surfin Wombatz, The Blue Carpet Band, The Phantom Cowboys, Sin Kings, Thee Creepfreaks, Stage Frite, The Teenage Zombies, Snakerattlers, Spacewasters, Bastard Sons of Cavan, Hotrod Hooliganz, The DC Spectres, Deathcaps, Jack O'Bones, Slaughterhouse Cats, Mystery Action

18/11/2018 - Guana Batz at New Cross Inn, New Cross, UK

Line-up: Guana Batz, The Zipheads, Sin Kings

24/11/2018 - Beltane Fire at Talking Heads, Southampton, UK

Line-up: Beltane Fire, The Zipheads