Last Man On Earth- Official Video Released!!

Track taken from the album Z2:Rampage!- the post apocalyptic video for Last Man On Earth!!

Shot between Mill Hill Music Complex and the beaches of Dungeness, Kent, the new video sees the band sheltered from a nuclear blast by the walls of their practice room, only to discover the world has been completely decimated by the explosion.
They soon set about life in the wastelands, and discover a cruel twist to the tale.

Directed and Filmed by Ben Jacobs, Additional footage by Edward Mooney, Animation by Thomas Malins, Jack Lattimer as The Newsreader

About us

The Zipheads hail from St Albans, UK. They play Rock'n'Roll infused with punk, surf, swing, ska, soul, reggae and irish influences as well as most other types of music you could care to imagine.

They have recorded 2 full length albums as well as a 7" single and played hundreds of shows across the UK and Europe.

When not touring or recording they enjoy arguing with each other and watching Father Ted.